About This Website

This is a site dedicated to the past AmiGameJam events that kickstarted my passion for organising a yearly game development competition. The contest began in 2009 as the "Annual Festive Amiga Game-Making Competition", with the aim of inspiring Christmas and other "Festive" related Amiga game development. Encouraged by the unexpected success of the first contest, I decided to continue organising these contests. Eventually, a decision was made to rename it to AmiGameJam, opening it up to a wider range of themes.

2022 - "Sword & Sorcery"

1st Prize Winner: Rogue Declan Zero
2nd Prize Winner: Rastan
3rd Prize Winner: Roguecraft

Rastan (Amiga 500)
King Arthur: Rise of the Round Table
Rogue Declan Zero
Jack In The Pit
The Last Dungeon
Holiday OCS/ECS - Photo RPG
Caravandalf (Amiga 1200)

2021 - "Ports"

1st Prize Winner: Knightmare
2nd Prize Winner: MsPacman 500
3rd Prize Winner: Green Beret
1st Prize Next-Gen Winner: VanillaConquer

Wonderboy Port
Rick Dangerous Enhanced
Jumpman Lives
Wizardry 2021
MsPacman 500
Poker Nights: "Dream Girls"
Pacman 500
Castle Danger
A500 Volley
Castlevania AGA
Green Beret

2016 - "Christmas/Festive"

1st Prize Winner: Bridge Strike
2nd Prize Winner: The Last Starfighter
3rd Prize Winner: Max Knight
1st Prize Next-Gen Winner: Santa Run (Amiga OS4)

Bridge Strike
Brus Lii
Max Knight Xmas Edition
Easter Egg
The Last Starfighter
Santa Run (Amiga OS4)

2011 - "Retro Remix"

No winners for this year as there were too few entries.

Deal or No Deal Haunted House Remix

2010 - "Christmas/Festive"

No winners for this year as there were not enough entries.

Looking for Xmas (RTG)
Arctic Hunter

2009 - "Christmas/Festive"

1st Prize Winner: X-Mas Disaster
2nd Prize Winner: X-Mas Syman
3rd Prize Winner: Cornelius Saves Christmas

Xmas Syman
Dwarves in the Iceland
X-Mas Disaster
Santa Montana
Cornelius Saves Christmas
Xmas Glass Ball Factory
Sam & Max - Xmas Demo
Christmas Boulderdash